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Hydroseeding is the process of planting a new lawn using a combination of grass seed, fertilister and mulch which is mixed into a slurry then sprayed onto the ground.  Our process involves comprehensive preparation of the ground prior to seeding and if necessary providing additional topsoil for optimum results.


Hydroseeding is a quality and cost effective means of establishing a new lawn. Alternative methods can be costly or result in patchy, weedy and short-lived lawns.

Be the envy of your neighbors with a PrimeScape lawn.

Image by Alejandra Cifre González

Why Hydroseed with PrimeScape ?

When you choose PrimeScape you are getting the best products and equipment backed up by our specialist hydroseeding expertise, and value-add services to make your lawn project the best it can be.

Fast Establishment

Quality Equipment & Materials

Value Added Services



After Sales

Don't settle for average - get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

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